Fifa Futsal Rankings – Who’s Leading The Charts?

Futsal is growing in popularity worldwide, and it’s no longer a sport that was once played in distant parts of Uruguay and Brazil only. Today, it is recognized by FIFA and played in almost all the countries associated with the regulatory body for football and futsal. Futsal Teams from all over the world take part in Fifa Futsal Worldcup. They are also graded based on their performances throughout the year to determine their Fifa Futsal rankings. To everyone’s surprise, however, the rating system used for Futsal team rankings isn’t an official system maintained by the governing body.

Futsal rankings for international teams are determined based on their overall strength and performance throughout the year. The Futsal ranking system takes into account the match results, win margins, and the strength of the opposition. Without further ado, let’s check out the list of best Futsal teams and their current rankings.

Just like football, Brazil owns the smaller-sided sport as well. Brazil Futsal national team reigns the world of Futsal and has been crowned world champion five times since 1989. Some legendary players have also emerged from this part of the world over the years, with Falcao Futsal legend on top of the list.

Spain won 4 out of the last 7 UEFA Futsal Championships and is currently the second-ranked team after Brazil. Modern-day great Ricardinho’s Portugal stands at 3 and is consistently striving to steal the top spot.

Other Futsal teams in the top 10 include Paraguay and Argentina from South America and Portugal, Russia, and Italy from Europe. The Asian Futsal teams are also rising to the task and have shown great improvement in recent times. Kazakhstan is currently the top-ranked futsal team in Asia, with Iran at a close second. Both are placed in the top 10 teams in the international Futsal rankings.

As mentioned earlier, FIFA doesn’t have any official world ranking system in place for Futsal teams. However, the teams are still graded unofficially based on their recent performances and strengths.  

The Fifa Futsal national teams world ranking system takes into account the teams’ wins, losses, draws, and the goal difference in each game in the top Futsal competitions. It also takes into account the importance of the event and the game itself. Teams can acquire more rating points by putting up strong performances against opponents ranked higher above them.

The comprehensive rating system applies to more than 200 member countries and ranks teams that take part in the Fifa Futsal tournaments worldwide. Even though it is not an official ranking system, it is widely acknowledged around the world to establish Fifa Futsal rankings for the national teams.

Futsal was initially popular in South American nations like Brazil and Uruguay, and they dominated the Futsal world rankings initially for a few decades. However, the sport has gained immense popularity worldwide in recent years, and more teams have emerged among the best Futsal teams in the world.

Iran, Japan, and Kazakhstan are the top emerging Futsal teams from Asia that have impressed Futsal fans a lot with their performances lately. The small-sided sport is gaining immense popularity among youth in these nations, and they have bright future prospects for sure. The way Iran has surpassed Japan – the Asian football giants – in the Futsal team rankings is just remarkable.

While Iran is leading the charts in Asia at the moment, Kazakhstan has also emerged as a top futsal team in Asia in recent years. They are challenging Iran for the top spot consistently, and the two teams put up an amazing display of futsal skills and tactics whenever they play against each other. The former Brazilian players coaching the Kazakhstan team played a significant part in their success on the international Futsal scene.

As more and more countries have started investing resources in the sport, we’re sure to see many more emerging Futsal national teams in the years to come. The competition for the top spot in the Fifa Futsal team rankings is about to get fierce for sure.

Futsal is an exciting sport that requires top-level skill to put up the best performances in the game. In recent years, it has gained immense popularity worldwide as a fast-paced football alternative. Around 200 countries from different parts of the world now have national futsal teams that play competitive futsal and participate in Futsal events and tournaments held globally.

While the sport is regulated by FIFA in most parts of the world, there is no official Fifa Futsal rankings system in place to rank the Futsal teams. However, to fill the void, an unofficial futsal world ranking system has been developed, and it rates futsal teams based on their performances in the futsal tournaments and events against the top competing teams. This independent Futsal team ranking system accurately ranks Futsal teams based on their match results, win margins, and the quality of the opposition.

You can check out the latest Fifa Futsal rankings here. While Brazil is the current leader in the futsal world, being the top-ranked futsal team, they have a close competition with Portugal and Spain. Many new futsal teams are emerging in the top ranks as well. Can you make the future Fifa Futsal rankings predictions? We’d love to hear from you!