How To Buy Futsal World Cup 2024 Tickets? Book Now!

FIFA Futsal World Cup 2024 is the highly anticipated event in the Futsal world, where the best Futsal teams will be seen competing for the ultimate laurel. The 24-team event is set to begin on September 14, 2024, in Uzbekistan, with the hosts taking on the Netherlands in the tournament opener. As the tournament draws closer, the excitement levels are reaching a new high, and fans are anxiously waiting for the Futsal World Cup 2024 tickets to go on sale. Are you also interested in finding out how to buy Futsal World Cup 2024 tickets? Here we have shared all the details you need to know. Let’s explore.

Futsal World Cup 2024 tickets are not offered for sale as yet. However, if you are interested in buying Futsal World Cup tickets, you can register your interest on the FIFA official website and receive further updates on how to buy tickets for Futsal World Cup matches.

Generally, ticket sale for World Cup fixtures starts almost a month before the official start date of the event. FIFA might initially start selling tickets for a select group, as it did for the VISA cardholders at the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup, offering them an exclusive short window to make the purchase. However, once the general sale begins, it will last until the Final of the tournament depending on availability.

You can set notifications to get an update when the tickets go on sale by visiting the FIFA official website. Keep in mind that tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be available till the last minute for certain highly anticipated fixtures. So, you should book your tickets as soon as they are made available by FIFA.

If you want to buy Futsal World Cup tickets, please note that the tickets for the event are not available for sale yet. However, FIFA has already started registering fans interested in buying tickets through the tournament page on the official FIFA website. This is the initial step in getting your Futsal World Cup tickets and you should register now to avail your tickets.

When the tickets for the FIFA Futsal World Cup officially go on sale, they might be sold in two phases.

Tickets Presale

FIFA may offer tickets for sale to an exclusive group of select buyers for a short window before the general sale of tickets starts.

General Sale

Once the Presale phase is over, the tickets will be generally available to everyone. You may book your tickets in advance or buy tickets till October 6 when the Final is to be played. As you can only get tickets subject to availability, it is better to grab yours as soon as the ticket sale goes live.

All successful applicants will receive their tickets through email, which they can print out and present at the entrance when they reach the arena on match day. FIFA will likely offer accessibility tickets at discounted prices.

As FIFA has already started registering fans interested in buying the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2024 tickets, you can visit the event page on the official FIFA website and navigate to the Tickets tab to register yourself. There’s a simple form with basic information required only to register. Once you click the “Send” button, you’ll receive an email from FIFA with the necessary steps and ticket updates. You will also get future updates regarding how and when you can buy tickets. So, what are you waiting for?