Top 10 Futsal Players to Watch Out for in 2024

Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced sport, and it has gained immense popularity over the years in all parts of the world. It is more like indoor soccer played on hard courts and requires much more skill and agility than soccer itself. Since its inception, many players have earned a name in Futsal, and many more are aspiring to do so. So, who will be the top 10 Futsal players in 2024?

We have shortlisted the 10 best futsal players 2024 for you to check out. The list includes those who have already made their names as well as some promising players you should watch out for this year.

Our list of top futsal players has been compiled based on players’ skill sets and the impact they have created for their respective teams in recent years. It features players who have represented their national teams at the highest level and a few who are all set to make a mark on the biggest stage. Excited to explore the list of best Futsal players? Want to check out if your favorite players are on the list or not? Let’s find out!

1. Kyrylo Tsypun

kryola tsypun a futsal player on ground

One of the finest goalkeepers on the Futsal scene at present, Kyrylo Tsypun plays for the Ukraine national team and Prodexim Kherson Futsal club. The goalie is known for his agile moves, game awareness, and some unbelievable defensive stunts he can pull off. He represented Ukraine at the UEFA Futsal European Championship 2022 and was part of the symbolic team of the tournament.

2. Ferrao

top 10 futsal player ferrao

Ferrao is a familiar name in the Futsal world. The Brazilian player represents Barcelona and the national team of Brazil. The Brazilian magician has successfully built his legacy as one of the best and highest paid Futsal players of all time. He’s got the dribbling skills of Neymar, the vision of Xavi, and the finishing prowess of Ronaldo, all in one exciting package. He plays as a direct forward and brings balance to his side.

3. Sergio  Lozano

sergio lozano a best futsal player in 2024

Sergio Lozano is one of the most versatile wingers in recent times, and his skillful play has helped him cement his spot in the Spanish national team. His defensive skills and pace, combined with an amazing goal-scoring ability, make him one of the most famous Futsal players of recent times. Lozano’s creative playmaking helped the U21 Spanish team claim the European title in 2008, paving the way for his international debut four years later. A player of his caliber is certainly going to be the top contender for the best Futsal player 2024 award.

4. Douglas Junior

top 10 futsal players 2024. Douglas junior

The popular Kazakhstani Futsal player Douglas Junior is also among the top contenders for the best Futsal player in the world this year. Born in Brazil, Junior earned a name for his exceptional dribbling skills and solid tackling. He plays for the Kazakhstan national team and MFK KPRF Futsal club and was also part of the UEFA Futsal Champions League runner-up side in 2018-19. His offensive prowess, combined with tenacious defending, make him a valuable asset for his team.

5. Hossein Tayyebi Bidgoli

hossein futsal player in futsal field

The finest Iranian winger, and pivot, Teyyebi made a mark in Futsal history when he debuted for Iran in 2009 as a 20-year-old. He already has a few Futsal world records to his name besides his debut at such a young age. He was the top scorer of the tournament at the AFC Futsal Championship in 2014 and 2018. Tayyebi also ranked 5th among the top Futsal players for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018 at the UMBRO Futsal Awards. If you want to witness some real skill, speed, and amazing goals, watch out for Hossein Tayyebi in 2024.

6. Sergei Abramov

sergie abramov. a futsal player

With a magician’s touch on the ball and stunning goal-scoring abilities, Sergei Abramov is one of the finest Pivots of recent times. The Russian Futsal player plays for the national team of Russia and the Sinara Futsal Club. He’s an upcoming sensation who won the best player and best forward awards in the 2021 Russian Championship. If you want to live some of the most exciting moments on a Futsal court, witness Abramov orchestrating attacks and getting past the defenders in 2024. He’ll be a treat to watch, for sure.

7. Zicky Té

one of the best futsal player.. zicky te

Another exciting prospect who has donned the pivot position in recent times, Zicky Té is a force to reckon in 2024. The Portuguese player plays for the Portugal national Futsal team and Sporting CP Futsal club, and his promising Futsal skills have already helped him achieve remarkable things on the court at such a young age. The Euro 2022 Champion played a pivotal role in his team’s title win. He scored two quick goals under pressure in Portugal’s unbelievable comeback in the Euro 2022 semifinal. With his incredible ball control, agility, and best Futsal goal, Zicky also paved the way for the Portuguese League title wins for Sporting CP in 2022 and 2023. Can he help his team repeat the feat in 2024 or maybe help them win the Fifa Futsal World Cup 2024? There’s certainly a lot to anticipate from him.

8. Pany Varela

Sporting CP winger Anilton Cesar Varela da Silva, popularly known as Pany Varela, is another exciting Futsal player to watch out for this year. Varela plays for the Portugal national team and is renowned for his lightning-fast speed, stunning dribbling skills, and accurate finishing. He has helped his team win several championships over the years and also featured in the Fifa Futsal World Cup champion team. He’s also been crowned UEFA Futsal champion twice with Portugal.

9. André Coelho

andre coelho a futsal star in 2024

Another exciting Futsal player from Portugal, Coelho plays for the Portugal national team and the Barcelona Futsal club. The youngster won the European Championship with Portugal in 2018 and has several accolades for his clubs as well. He plays as a defender and is known for his exceptional tackles and intercepts. When he’s on the defense, the attackers have to put in all the hard work to get past him. He’ll be a treat to watch in 2024.  

10. Didac Plana

didac plana 1 of the futsal star in 2024

Didac Plana is a fine young prospect who has the potential to become the best goalkeeper in 2024 playing for FC Barcelona and Spain. The Spanish goalkeeper has always been sure-handed and is known for quick reflexes, agility, and amazing saves in crucial moments of the game. His all-around prowess is his biggest strength, and he guards the post with authority. If there is a goalkeeper to look forward to this year on the Futsal courts, it’s Didac.

So, keep an eye out for these amazing Futsal players this year. While some of them have already made a name for themselves, others are aspiring to make a mark on the biggest stage.

Futsal is a sport with a rich history and some extraordinary players from all over the world have graced the Futsal courts. As the passion for this fast-paced game continues to grow, more and more exciting players are appearing on the international scene. Our top 10 Futsal players listed above have the skills and the drive to rule the sport this year and beyond. Especially, you can expect them to be among the leading players at the Fifa Futsal World Cup 2024. With exceptional skills and remarkable performances, they will surely be a treat to watch.

Mind sharing with us who is your favorite player among these? Let the discussion begin as we look forward to an exciting display of skill and athleticism from these Futsal stars.