Buy Leather Futsal Shoes And Unleash Your Futsal Skills In Style

Futsal is a demanding sport that requires you to move quickly, keep balance, have control on the ball, and unleash your skills to outsmart the opposition. But can you do all of that without the right footwear? Probably, Not! You need a pair of shoes that offer the right amount of traction, comfort, and performance features to excel on the Futsal courts. This is where Leather Futsal shoes shine!

Futsal shoes made of high-quality leather are known to offer a perfect blend of stylish looks, superior touch, and unmatched durability. Many professional Futsal players prefer leather shoes for their comfortable fit and excellent ball control. These features make them the best indoor soccer shoes for beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

If you also want to take your Futsal game to the next level, make sure you choose your Futsal cleats wisely. Want to cut the hassle? Check out our list of most popular Futsal shoes and make a pick now!

Best Leather Futsal Shoes For Style, Comfort, and Performance

With so many top athletic shoe brands and products around, it can be frustrating to single out the best shoes for Futsal players. There are quite a few factors that you should consider before deciding on your Futsal cleats. But don’t worry, here we have reviewed top 5 Futsal shoes that offer the best in style, comfort, and performance. Let’s quickly run you through our top picks.

1. Adidas Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal ShoesCoolest Indoor Soccer Shoes

One of the most popular Futsal shoes, the Adidas Men’s Soccer Mundial goal shoes are a preferred pick for many Futsal professionals. Known to offer an incredible touch on the ball, a comfortable fit, and unmatched durability, the Mundial certainly makes an ideal shoe for Futsal players. Not to mention, the classic Adidas styling will make you fall for these Futsal soccer shoes.

Why Buy It?

Adidas Mundial goal shoes are a top choice among Futsal professionals, and that alone is reason enough to choose them for your training sessions and Futsal games. But what makes them the hot-favorite among Futsal players?

Well, these Futsal boots boast a high-quality kangaroo leather construction, making them one of the most durable shoes around. They can easily withstand the wear and tear they’ll get on the Futsal courts.

The split-suede leather upper of the Adidas Mundial not only ensures an ideal fit, but also an incredible touch on the ball. For added comfort, the shoe features a padded collar along with a cushioned EVA midsole. These features provide extra support and help avoid fatigue or discomfort even when you wear them for extended periods of play.

The Mundial comes equipped with a gum rubber outsole that is especially designed to offer much-needed traction on indoor surfaces. It offers a firm grip and makes dribbling and sprinting on the Futsal courts easier and risk-free. It’s ideal for those quick maneuvers and can give you a serious performance boost when playing Futsal.

Not to mention, the classic Adidas styling with the three iconic stripes makes it the coolest indoor soccer shoes money can buy you. You can even use these Futsal shoes as your casual everyday wear.

  • Iconic Adidas styling for a cool, stylish look
  • Premium kangaroo leather construction for durability
  • Split-Suede leather upper offers an excellent touch on the ball
  • Cushioned EVA midsole provides added comfort and support
  • Gum rubber outsole is designed to boost performance on indoor surfaces
  • Limited breathability may be an issue for some users
  • May need a certain break-in period like any other leather soccer shoe

2. KELME Pro Futsal ShoesBest Shoes For Futsal

Kelme is one of the top brands known for manufacturing high-quality Futsal shoes. They have also been the sponsors of the LNFS league – world’s best Futsal league. Keeping the spirit of their close association with the sport, KELME has manufactured some of the finest Futsal shoes over the years. KEME Pro is one such offering from the brand, and it’s been rated highly by many pro Futsal athletes as best indoor cleats. The shoe offers superior comfort and boosts performance by providing the stability you need on the court.

Why Buy It?

 KELME Pro is one of the best indoor soccer shoes, designed specifically to boost performance on indoor surfaces and Futsal courts. Made using microfiber leather, these cleats are meant to offer unparalleled comfort. The shoes are lightweight and give you a supreme touch on the ball, making for easy maneuvers, amazing ball control, and exceptional performance during the game.

The stitched pattern on the leather upper not only gives KELME Pro an attractive and stylish look, but also gives you more control on the ball. Your dribbling moves become more precise and you can unleash the most difficult maneuvers with ease.

One of the much-needed features in professional Futsal shoes is grip and traction, and KELME Pro excels on that front too. It features a specialized non-marking rubber outsole with various shading designs that offer added grip and stability on indoor surfaces.

The overall quality of this shoe is superb, and the stylish design makes it a perfect choice for casual wear too. It offers a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and top-notch performance.

  • Durable leather shoes made with high-quality microfiber leather
  • Comfortable, snug fit to improve performance and overall experience
  • Non-marking rubber outsole for added stability on indoor surfaces
  • Stylish design with stitching on the upper to offer more ball control
  • Very reasonably priced as compared to most big brands
  • Limited availability in some markets
  • Sizing accuracy may be a concern for some users

3. Joma Men’s Indoor Futsal TrainersMost Comfortable Futsal Shoes

Joma is a well-reputed brand known for high-quality athletic wear, and the Joma Men’s Indoor Futsal trainers are no exception. The multi-purpose Futsal trainers have been made with high-quality wear-resistant materials and offer ultimate comfort – both as sports and casual wear. Known for their excellent breathability, strength, and stability, these Futsal trainers make a reliable choice for professional and amateur Futsal players alike.

Why Buy It?

The Joma Men’s Indoor Futsal trainers are a good option for anyone seeking futsal shoes that are both comfortable and reliable. While they are tagged as the most comfortable Futsal shoes you can buy today, they don’t compromise at all on performance and durability. The best part is these Futsal trainers are designed to serve multiple purposes, and you can use them in whatever way you prefer.

Made with high-quality FIBERTEC (synthetic leather) material, they are wear-resistant and easily sustain the routine wear they’ll get on the Futsal courts. The quality leather build ensures your dribbling sneakers offer a soft touch and a snug fit, offering ultimate comfort during long sessions of play.

The perforated design of the shoes uses the VTS ventilation system to offer decent breathability and helps avoid discomfort during extended hours of use. For added comfort, they use flat EVA insoles that offer excellent underfoot cushioning and reduce fatigue. They are also quite lightweight and ensure maximum agility and swift movements on the court.

The Joma Indoor Futsal Trainers also offer excellent traction, thanks to their rubber sole that features a specially-designed pattern. It offers reliable grip and stability as you sprint on indoor surfaces and change directions quickly.  

Overall, it’s an ideal pick if you are seeking a reliable Futsal shoe that excels in comfort. These trainers are tailor-made for Futsal courts and offer special features to enhance your performance.

  • FIBERTEC (synthetic leather) construction offers extreme durability
  • High-quality leather upper offers a soft touch and excellent ball feel
  • Flat EVA insoles provide the best underfoot cushioning to reduce fatigue
  • Excellent traction provided by rubber outsole with a special pattern
  • Most comfortable Futsal shoes with special features designed for Futsal courts
  • Limited color options
  • Finding an ideal fit can be a bit challenging

4. Puma Men’s Super Liga Og Retro-M-Most Popular Futsal Shoes

Puma is a renowned name worldwide when it comes to athletic footwear. Their products are known to offer a fusion of sport, fashion, and lifestyle. The same stands true for their Futsal soccer shoes. Whether you are looking for futsal shoes high tops or want the best futsal sneakers, Puma will have an ideal offering tailor-made for your specific needs. The Puma Men’s Super Liga Og Retro-M is just another such high-end offering from the brand. It’s one of the most popular futsal shoes today, thanks to its high-quality leather build and excellent performance features.

Why Buy It?

While the Puma label alone is reason enough to buy Puma Super Liga, the Futsal sneaker is known for its ideal fit, superior comfort, and excellent performance overall. It is made wider than other competing Futsal shoes and fits well due to its lower cut around the ankle. In fact, Super Liga can be your best Futsal shoes for wide feet.

Its 100% leather construction makes sure the shoe is durable enough to last everyday wear on and off the court. The tonal suede overlays on the upper give you more control on the ball and improve your dribbling game significantly.

The low profile rubber outsole is designed to offer excellent grip and traction, giving you the stability you need for those quick maneuvers. It gives you the confidence to do your moves precisely and challenge the opposition players with excellent accuracy.

If you’re looking for versatile Futsal trainers that not only improve your Futsal game but also make an ideal choice for casual wear, the Puma Super Liga OG Retro is for you. It offers a perfect blend of comfort, style, durability, and performance. What else do you need in your Futsal cleats?

  • Best Futsal boots with 100% leather construction
  • Tonal suede overlays on the leather upper offer improved ball control
  • Non-marking rubber outsole offers traction and stability during quick maneuvers
  • Stylish Futsal shoes that boost your performance on the courts
  • Versatile choice ideal for sport and casual wear
  • Limited breathability can make your feet warmer during long hours of play
  • May feel a bit heavier than most modern lightweight Futsal shoes

5. Puma King Pro IT – Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Another one from Puma, the King Pro IT is the indoor cousin of the well-known King Pro cleats for football players. The King Pro IT, however, is tailor-made for Futsal players who desire to don the indoor surfaces. It is designed to offer more control, power, and spin on the ball – definitely something that will boost your game to dominate the opposition.

Why Buy It?

If you are looking for the best leather Futsal shoes, this one if for you! The King Pro IT is known for its superior Kangaroo leather construction and a snug and secure fit. The leather upper molds to the shape of your foot and gives a sublime touch on the ball. It’s also very comfortable to wear, even during extended training sessions. The modern slip-on design of these shoes offers added comfort.

The special design of the upper is tailor-made for Futsal players, offering greater spin and power. Combine that with the traction and stability provided by the rubber outsole, and you have an ideal shoe for optimal performance on the court. The outsole is quite lightweight and ensures the shoe is not too heavy, supporting quick and agile movements.

The shoe offers a snug fit. Without being too slim, it hugs your feet closely. That said, it is not uncomfortable either, thanks to the special internal padding under its leather upper. Overall, the shoe is quite responsive and makes for great performance on the court.

The King Pro IT boasts a classic, timeless design with a fresh update. It looks more stylish than its predecessor and can be used for casual wear too. You also get multiple color options to choose from.

Overall, Puma King Pro IT combines stylish looks with great performance features. Its comfortable fit, premium leather upper, and decent traction make it one of the best indoor soccer shoes for Futsal players looking for a versatile yet high-performing soccer cleat.

  • Premium Kangaroo leather build offers a soft touch and excellent durability
  • Lightweight rubber outsole offers perfect traction, speed, and stability
  • Offers a snug fit with special internal padding under the upper
  • Stylish design makes it a versatile shoe for casual use
  • Breathability issues reported by some users
  • May not be an ideal shoe for outdoor use

Leather Futsal Shoes Buying Guide

Leather construction itself is a big draw for Futsal players, and they buy the shoe for its durability and premium feel. However, there are quite a few factors that should be taken into consideration before choosing your leather Futsal shoes. It will help ensure you only buy the best premium products and boost your performance on the court.

This buying guide details how to buy leather futsal shoes and everything you should consider before making the purchase. Let’s explore everything you must not overlook when buying futsal shoes made of leather.

1. Leather Quality and Durability

One of the most important factors to consider when buying leather futsal shoes is the quality and durability of the material being used. While leather shoes are known to be soft, flexible, and comfortable, not all of them are made equal. That’s because they are made using different types of leather.

Some popular leather types used in Futsal shoes include:

  • Kangaroo Leather
  • Suede Leather
  • Faux Leather
  • Calfskin Leather

They all have their unique characteristics and can significantly affect the quality and durability of the Futsal shoes. Among these, Kangaroo leather is widely known as the most durable and high-quality leather because of its strength, flexibility, and lightweight nature. Other types also have good quality but they aren’t as durable as Kangaroo leather.

2. Fit and Comfort

Leather Futsal shoes tend to mold to the shape of your feet with time. It’s also likely for them to get narrow or small depending on their make and model. Therefore, it is important to choose leather shoes that offer a nice and comfortable fit along with ankle support and stability. These features can significantly impact your performance as well.


The most comfortable Futsal shoes are flexible. Besides comfort, flexibility also affects your performance on the Futsal court. When playing Futsal, you need to do quick and agile movements, change direction quickly, and make sharp turns and sudden stops. If your shoe is flexible, it will easily bend with the movement of your foot and keep your natural range of motion intact.

Flexible leather also allows for improved foot articulation, giving you a more precise and responsive feel as you dribble, pass, and shoot the ball. With a more sublime touch on the ball, you can enjoy better control and superior performance.

4. Weight

Leather shoes tend to be a bit heavier than their synthetic counterparts. However, modern technology has enabled manufacturers to create more lightweight shoes while still using high-quality leather. Choosing these lightweight shoes can significantly improve your performance on the court, allowing you to move briskly and pull off your tricks to perfection. Agility and speed are invaluable in Futsal, and you can improve them with lightweight shoes.

Furthermore, weight of the shoe also contributes to your overall comfort when playing Futsal. You don’t have to carry the unnecessary bulk, and your feet can move freely. You can easily execute precise movements and don’t feel the fatigue either.


Traction is probably one of the most important features to consider when buying any Futsal shoe, let alone leather futsal shoes. Leather shoes can have different types of outsoles that may offer different level of grip and traction. However, you should always choose shoes with non-marking rubber outsoles that have specially designed patterns to offer excellent grip and stability. It is crucial for sprinting on the Futsal courts risk-free and with extreme control.

Make sure you avoid futsal cleats that have studs on their outsoles. They are generally inappropriate for indoor Futsal courts and can lead to falls and injuries.


Yes, leather shoes are designed to offer superior ball control. Leather used in making Futsal shoes is generally soft in nature and allows for a softer, closer touch on the ball. As a result, you can do your maneuvers with more precision.

Futsal shoes made with high-quality leather are quite versatile and can be used easily on different types of court surfaces, including some outdoor surfaces. It is important, however, that you check the outsole and traction pattern of the shoe to ensure it offers ample grip for the specific court surfaces you’ll be playing on.

Leather shoes are generally more durable than other types of futsal shoes, and they respond quite well to the rigorous wear they get on Futsal courts. With proper care, you can extend the lifespan of your leather futsal shoes and keep them in good shape. Clean them regularly and apply leather conditioner to retain their suppleness and prevent cracking.

Generally, futsal shoes made of leather provide a comfortable fit for players with wide feet. The natural softness and flexibility of leather lets them stretch a little and accommodate various foot shapes. It is recommended, however, that you should try the shoes first and see if they offer enough width and fit comfortably or not.


Leather Futsal shoes are the most popular futsal shoes among professional athletes and amateurs alike. They are comfortable and offer great control on the ball, improving your overall performance. One key feature that makes leather futsal cleats the most desirable of the lot is the durability of the material. Leather shoes are meant to withstand the rigorous wear they get on the court like none else.

However, it is important that you carefully choose your futsal shoes after considering your specific needs and key features like leather type, comfortable fit, traction, and weight. If your futsal soccer shoes don’t excel at these fronts, you may end up disappointed with your purchase.

Want to avoid the hassle? Follow the tips above when buying your leather Futsal shoes or choose one from our top picks!

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