Futsal World Cup History – A Sneak Peek Into The Futsal World Cup Records and Stats

The Futsal World Cup is the most prestigious Futsal event where the top Futsal Teams of the world compete for the ultimate laurel. The event that first started in 1989 has always captivated audiences with high-quality displays of skill and tactical prowess, promising ultimate entertainment and excitement for crazy Futsal fans. Interested in knowing some Futsal World Cup history? Let’s take a sneak peek into the past and explore more about Futsal’s biggest event and all the records and stats made over the years.

The sport Futsal finds its roots in Montevideo, Uruguay where it started back in 1930. It continued to gain popularity among the youth over the years and expanded to neighboring countries. The first regulating body for Futsal was formed in 1965, but it was still not as big a sport as Football till then. There was no major Futsal event at the world level, and its fan following was still in the budding stages. The formation of FIFUSA in 1971 was a landmark achievement for the growth of the sport, as the association took important steps to contribute towards Futsal’s growing popularity.

After its formation, FIFUSA started organizing tournaments that led to a significant increase in the popularity of the sport in participating nations. The association organized two World Championships (1982 and 1985) and led the foundation of the Futsal World Cup. But after that, FIFA took over as the international governing body of Futsal and has organized 9 world events to date, since the first World Cup event in the Netherlands in 1989. The FIFA Futsal World Cup 2024 will be the 10th edition of the tournament.

After how many years a Futsal World Cup is played?

After organizing the first Futsal World Cup in 1989, FIFA organized the second event 3 years later in 1992 in Hong Kong. Since then, the Futsal World Cup has been played every four years. The 2020 edition of the event was delayed for a year and played in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which Futsal team won the first Futsal World Cup?

Brazil were the champions in the first Futsal World Cup organized by FIFA in the Netherlands in 1989. They defeated the hosts 2-1 in the Final of the event.

Which team is the Current Futsal World Champions?

Portugal are the reigning champions at the moment. They won the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup in Lithuania by defeating Argentina 2-1 in the Final.

Which is the most successful team in Futsal World Cup history?

Brazil is the most successful team in the Futsal World Cup history, with 5 world titles to their name.

How many teams participate in a Futsal World Cup?

Before 2008, all the Futsal World Events featured 16 teams. However, FIFA decided to increase the number of teams in the 2012 Futsal World Cup. Since then, it has become a 24-team event. The tournament is played in the round-robin format, with teams split into 6 groups of 4 teams each. The group winners and runners-up qualify for the Round of 16 knockout stage alongside the 4 highest-ranked third-place teams.

A total of 9 editions of the FIFA Futsal World Cup have been played to date, and Brazil has won 5 of them. Here’s a list of all the Futsal World Cup Winners.

FIFA Futsal World Cup 1989 Winner – Brazil

Brazil won the first Futsal World Cup in 1989 by defeating Netherlands 2-1. The United States finished third in the event, as they defeated Belgium in the third-place game 3-2 in extra time.

FIFA Futsal World Cup 1992 Winner – Brazil

The 1992 event was again won by Brazil with a score line of 4-1 in the final against the United States. Spain defeated Iran 9-6 in the third-place game.

FIFA Futsal World Cup 1996 Winner – Brazil

Brazil won the third event in a row by defeating Spain 6-4 in the Futsal World Cup 1996 Final in Spain. Russia secured the third position in the tournament by defeating Ukraine 3-2 in the third-place game.

Futsal World Cup 2000 Winner – Spain

Spain was the first team to challenge Brazil’s supremacy in the Futsal world. They won the  Futsal World Cup 2000, defeating Brazil 4-3 in a close game. Portugal finished on the podium for the first time, securing the Bronze medal by defeating Russia 4-2 in the third-place match.

Futsal World Cup 2004 Winner – Spain

Spain won their second consecutive world title by defeating Italy 2-1 in the Futsal World Cup 2004 Final. Brazil finished 3rd, defeating Argentina 7-4 in the third-place game.

Futsal World Cup 2008 Winner – Brazil

Brazil reclaimed the throne by winning the Futsal World Cup 2008. The final against Spain was a thrilling game with the scores level at 2-2 in the full time. Brazil won the penalties 4-3. Italy finished 3rd by winning 2-1 against Russia.

Futsal World Cup 2012 Winner – Brazil

The 2012 Futsal World Cup belonged to Brazil once again, as they won the final of the event 3-2 in extra time against Spain. It was their last Futsal world title, and they haven’t won a World Cup since. Italy finished 3rd in this event by winning the third-place game 3-0 against Colombia.

Futsal World Cup 2016 Winner – Argentina

Argentina won their first ever Futsal World Title in 2016. They defeated Russia 5-4 in the Final of the event. Iran finished 3rd by winning 4-3 on penalties against Portugal.

Futsal World Cup 2021 Winner – Portugal

Portugal were crowned Futsal World Champions for the first time in 2021. They won the Final 2-1 against Argentina. Brazil were placed 3rd in the 2021 Futsal World Cup by winning the third-place game against Kazakhstan 4-2.

Futsal World Cup 2024 Winner – TBD

The Futsal World Cup 2024 will be played in Uzbekistan. We’ll update the tournament winners here once decided.

Brazil has ruled the Futsal world for the longest period, but their recent outings at the World Cup haven’t been so great. They did manage to finish third in the last event, but can they reclaim their lost glory this time around? Or we’ll have a new champion at the Fifa Futsal World Cup? Let’s wait and see how things unfold as the tournament gets underway at the 2024 Futsal World Cup in Uzbekistan.

Over the years, many Futsal greats have set the World Cup events ablaze with their impeccable Futsal skills and electrifying performances. Since the first FIFA Futsal World Cup in 1989, the event has witnessed incredible feats on the court, with players etching their names in history through record-breaking performances. Let’s look at all the Futsal World Cup records and player honors achieved through these years, starting with the number of medals each team has secured at the world events.

Futsal World Cup Medals Table

Brazil is at the top of the medals table with 5 Gold medals. Spain has secured gold on two occasions, while Argentina and Portugal have won the World Cup only once. The following table shows how many Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals have been won by the participating nations.

1🇧🇷     Brazil5128
2🇪🇸     Spain2316
3🇦🇷     Argentina1102
4🇵🇹     Portugal1012
5🇮🇹     Italy0123
6🇷🇺    Russia0112
7🇺🇸    United States0112
8🇳🇱    Netherlands0101
9🇮🇷     Iran0011

Futsal World Cup Leading Goal Scorers

Some of the Futsal greats feature in the list of leading goal scorers at Futsal World Cup events. Let’s break it down into all-time leading goal scorers and those who topped the charts in a single tournament.

All-Time Leading Goal Scorers At Futsal World Cups

Alessandro Rosa Vieira, popularly known as Falcão, is the leading goal scorer in the history of FIFA Futsal World Cups. He scored 48 goals in 33 games across five world events between 2000 and 2016. Other table toppers include Manoel Tobias and Konstantin Eremenko.

1🇧🇷     Falcão3348
2🇧🇷     Manoel Tobias3243
3🇷🇺    Konstantin Eremenko1828
4🇧🇷     Schumacher2525
5🇵🇹     Ricardinho1822
6🇷🇺    Éder Lima1219
7🇷🇺    Pula1418
8🇮🇷     Saeid Rajabi817
9🇧🇷     Índio1615
10🇪🇸     Daniel1514

Leading Goal Scorers At A Single Futsal World Cup Edition

Manoel Tobias scored the highest number of goals at a Futsal World Cup event twice in the history of the tournament. His 19 goals record at the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2000 remains the highest for any player at the World Cup events even today. Here’s a list of other players who scored the most goals at a Futsal World Cup.

1🇧🇷     Manoel Tobias192000
2🇮🇷     Saeid Rajabi171992
3🇷🇺     Pula162008
4🇧🇷     Manoel Tobias141996
5🇧🇷     Falcão132004
6🇵🇹     Ricardinho122016
7🇷🇺     Éder Lima92012
8🇧🇷     Ferrão92021
9🇭🇺     László Zsadányi71989

Futsal World Cup Golden Ball Winners

A dream award for every Futsal player, the Adidas Golden Ball is awarded to Futsal players who display outstanding skills throughout the event. In 2008, FIFA also started awarding Silver Ball and Bronze Ball awards. The winner is selected through media polls. Let’s take a look at all the Golden Ball winners at FIFA Futsal World Cup events.

YearGolden BallSilver BallBronze Ball
1989🇳🇱    Victor Hermans
1992🇧🇷     Jorginho
1996🇧🇷     Manoel Tobias
2000🇧🇷     Manoel Tobias
2004🇧🇷     Falcão
2008🇧🇷     Falcão🇧🇷     Schumacher🇧🇷     Tiago
2012🇧🇷     Neto🇪🇸     Kike🇵🇹     Ricardinho
2016🇦🇷     Fernando Wilhelm🇷🇺     Éder Lima🇮🇷     Ahmad Esmaeilpour
2021🇵🇹     Ricardinho🇵🇹     Pany Varela🇰🇿     Douglas Júnior

Futsal World Cup Golden Boot Winners

The Adidas Golden Shoe or Golden Boot award goes to the tournament’s top scorer. If the same number of goals is scored by two players, the winner is chosen based on the number of assists throughout the tournament. Silver Boot and Bronze Boot award was also started in 2008.

YearGolden Boot     (Goals)Silver Boot     (Goals)Bronze Boot     (Goals)
1989🇭🇺     László Zsadányi     (7)
1992🇮🇷     Saeid Rajabi     (17)
1996🇧🇷     Manoel Tobias     (14)
2000🇧🇷     Manoel Tobias     (19)
2004🇧🇷     Falcão     (13)
2008🇷🇺     Pula     (16)🇧🇷     Falcão     (15)🇧🇷     Lenísio     (11)
2012🇷🇺     Éder Lima     (9)🇮🇹     Rodolfo Fortino     (8)🇧🇷     Fernandinho     (7)
2016🇵🇹     Ricardinho     (12)🇷🇺     Éder Lima     (10)🇧🇷     Falcão     (10)
2021🇧🇷     Ferrão     (9)🇵🇹     Pany Varela     (8)🇰🇿     Taynan da Silva     (6)

Futsal World Cup Golden Glove Winners

This award is presented to the best goalkeeper at every Futsal World Cup event. FIFA introduced this award at the 2008 FIFA Futsal World Cup to recognize the top performances of the goalkeepers. Here’s the list of Golden Glove winners at Futsal World Cups so far.

YearGolden Glove
2008🇧🇷     Tiago
2012🇮🇹     Stefano Mammarella
2016🇦🇷     Nicolas Sarmiento
2021🇦🇷     Nicolas Sarmiento

The Futsal World Cup is the most prestigious event in the Futsal World. The entire Futsal World Cup history is full of sensational finishes and some amazing individual and team performances. Brazil remains the most successful team in the history of the event, with 5 title wins to their name. However, the current Futsal World Champions are Portugal, and they will be defending their title at the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2024 in Uzbekistan. The event will see some rising stars of the Futsal World putting up record-breaking performances to earn a name for themselves. So, get ready to witness all the action and support your favorite team.